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You will be interacting with Mr. Mithun Girishan. Mithun is the CEO and co-founder of TreLeS Technologies Private Limited. TreLeS Technologies Private Limited was founded in 2019. Continue reading ….

Why should you meet him?

Trading financial products like shares, commodities and forex needs a solid background in theory and hands on experience. It is like any other profession, say being an engineer, lawyer, doctor… Hear from the experiences of professionals, before you decide to invest your hard earned money in financial markets like forex, shares, metals and so on.

Let us help you!

We offer to build up a solid background on your understanding of markets, reading charts and recognising patterns. This is reinforced through an internship of reasonable length. The successful candidates may qualify to manage funds starting from 10000 $. Your trading skills are rewarded with a significant part of the gains you make.

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