Our company is a culmination of passion of Mr. Mithun P. Girishan in the field of trading in financial markets and technical expertise of a few friends. Mithun is a renowned trader in India and Middle East. He also provides consultancy services to forex brokers in various parts of the world. Further, he is a well known trainer in the field of trading using charts and price action.


2010 – Mithun P Girishan started trading activities as a hobby i.e. at a personal level

2012 – Learned existing trading strategies with special focus on Price Action Trading techniques

2013 – Trading at  a professional level

2014 – Fund management – Trading for clients

2015 – Commencement of training programs for traders – multi day workshops and personal mentoring

2019 –  Consultant to forex brokers in Middle East

2019 – Founding of TreLeS Technologies

2020 – Launch of online training programs


Impart knowledge in risk management, using cutting edge technology, to the masses.


Be an established global player in risk management and trading strategies .