Mithun Girishan – CEO

Mithun Girishan was born in Kochi, India in 1983. After graduating from Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology (RIT) in engineering, he worked at UST Global and Tata Consultancy Services (TCS). He parted ways with TCS later. This helped him to focus on his passions viz. trading, coaching and investment in financial markets.

Mithun along with his friends founded TreLeS Technologies Private Limited  in 2019, the main drivers being his aforementioned passions and experience from running Mithuns Money Market (MMM). He also owns Learn the Markets LLC based in Dubai, that is a leading consultant to various forex companies in UAE.

Mithun’s passion lies in exploring new avenues in financial markets. He is also keen on learning theoretical and practical economics and its application in daily lives. He has exposure to a wide range of markets like indices, commodities, forex and metals. He is also an avid investor, trader, coach and a continuous learner.